Household Plan

Each of us has our set of responsibilities -- whether we are at work or at school or at home. We have to get our work done by the end of the day. Of course, office deadlines can be postponed a little. We can come home and relax. However, if one is a housewife (or a househusband for that matter) it is difficult to pack up for the day. There is always something more to be done on portal. The dinner has to be cooked. Dishes have to be washed. Boys have to be helped with their homework. There is so much to do.

We cannot neglect a housewife's labor of love. Her day starts in the morning and ends only with bed-time. Talk about long working hours! Naturally, the live jasmin housewives of the world become irritable and tired by the end of the day.

However, housework need not take up all of one's day. Some short-cuts here, a few quick tricks there, and the housewife can end up with a lot of free time on her hands. Here are some tips for the harried housewife.

1. Club jobs together

A lot of time gets wasted in doing just one chore at a time. Ever heard of jasminlive multi-tasking? I don't mean that one should vacuum with one hand, iron with the other, and take calls at the same time. However, one can save time by doing the day's cooking at one go, or by washing the basin while brushing one's teeth.

2. Get the boys to help out

Sharing the workload is a good idea. One may be slaving away trying to turn a house into a home. However, messy children or an untidy spouse can put one's efforts to naught. One should not have to pick up after the rest of the family. In fact, they should be made to help out in the house.

3. Don't try to be Superwoman

A lot of housewives make the mistake of imagining themselves as superwomen. Homemakers must not trick themselves into believing that they are blessed with super powers. The idea is to not take on more than one can chew. One should space out the work, take breaks, and not try to do too much at a time.

4. Stick to a schedule

Time management is very important when it comes to housework. A routine always helps us stay on track. Working some breaks into the schedule is recommended. Dividing the day's work into bite-sized chores is also a smart way to go.

5. Reduce your errands

These days, one does not need to keep on rushing to the store. Most of the major retailers allow us to shop online for our daily necessities. Phoning for home delivery or www.livesexchat.netis also a good option. Nowadays, even the running around and long lines that are associated with paying bills can be done away with. One can arrange for the bills to be paid directly through the bank.

6. Don't leave chores pending

Sometimes, there is the temptation to leave a chore pending. However, this may end up taking up more time. For example, it is always easy to clean the table just after a meal. But when we come back to it even an hour later, wiping off the hardened remnants of the last meal does become more difficult.

7. Avoid unnecessary chores

We all have our share of wasteful tendencies. But one must identify the tendencies that do not add value to the day. Much of the day can be spent ironing out creases on clothes that we may not wear in a long time. It makes much more sense to iron only the clothes that we will be wearing the next day.

8. Use technology

Technology is supposed to make life easier for us. Thus, a vacuum cleaner is an improvement over the broom, and a dishwasher does cut down on the time spent in washing dishes. We must look out for technology that adds comfort to our lives.

9. Get help when too much work piles up.
When one gets sick, the housework does pile up. Rather than keeping the work pending for oneself, it may be a good idea to hire some help. This way, one does not get too stressed while recovering, and the house also remains spic and span.

10. Get some time to yourself

A housewife may spend much of her time at home. However, this does not mean that she gets time to herself. Just as the office-goer needs the occasional break from office work, housewives need breaks from housework. Setting aside some leisure time is a must. This would give one the chance to pursue one's hobbies or spend quality time with the family.

These are some tips that experienced housewives swear by. Time management is the main thing. In fact, by effectively managing her time, even the most harassed housewife can get all the housework out of the way before most of the day is done.

Top 10 household hints

Sometimes it's the simple things we do that saves us the most money over time. Introducing even one new saving habit into our lives can make a big difference in our expenses. Add a new one each month and start seeing your savings account grow and grow.

[1] Re-use your bath towels. Our family uses 2 towels a week per person, changing them out on Wednesdays and Saturdays. After use, they hang on a hook on the back of the bathroom door, so they can dry between showers. Purchase the best quality bath towels you can afford. I have towels from Sears that I bought 20 years ago, that are still in good shape.

[2] Buy only white for towels and bedding. Having the same color will decrease the time you need in folding and pairing up sets. Get your color punch from bedspreads, throw pillows or other accessories.

[3] Store bed sheet sets in a pillow case, that way you have all you need to refresh your beds in one place.

[4] Pre-treat stains caused by cooking or body oils with dish washing liquid or shampoo. This gets even the WORST grease stain out of fabrics. Pre-treat stains as soon as you notice them. Do not dry garment that is still stained, re-treat and wash again.

[5] Only use drain cleaner when necessary. To avoid costly plumber bills clean your drains weekly with denture cleaners. Drop two denture tablets down your drain, slowly add 2 cups of boiling water, wait 5 minutes, then flush with hot water for a few minutes. I haven't needed a plumber in the ten years I have been doing this.

[6] Use as little prepared food as possible. Wash, dry and then tear up the head of lettuce when you get home from the grocery store so it will be available when you need it. You can also dice onions, peppers and other salad makings ahead of time, then store in the refrigerator. It cuts down the time to make a salad from 20 minutes to 2 minutes. Add a protein [chicken, steak, pork] to turn your salad into a meal.

[7] Before going grocery shopping make a list of what you have on hand. It stops over buying of unneeded items. Plan a weekly menu and try to use the items that you have on hand as the basis for several meals. This is especially important when you have fresh produce that will otherwise go to waste.

[8] Use 3-way bulbs whenever possible. You can adjust the watt usage, thus you save money on electricity.

[9] Learn to make small clothing repairs. Anyone can sew on a button or shorten a hem. It saves money and gives you confidence.

[10] Check clothing labels before buying. Only buy dry cleaning items when nothing else will do. I have seen wedding dresses that can be machine washed, so keep looking for that perfect washable clothing item. In the long run, it will save you money.

Family versus Profession

Working professional women always face a tough time between the family's desires and the responsibilities affixed by the employers. When you do well at work, you fear that your children are away from your presence. When you choose to take care of your child and withdraw the work, professional issues can affect your chances of promotion. Although it is impossible to achieve the perfect balance between work and family, ask for professional women who have tried, there are tips that will help you feel like part of your life, both as possible.

You may have thought you would like to be a partner in your business - until the first child you smiled. You may have planned to stay home with their children throughout the elementary school, until you realize that the meetings and volunteer in the classroom was not enough to make you feel respected. This is good for working women to change the goals and expectations are based on current issues. Take regular assessments to ensure your lifestyle choices, according to current goals and values.

Even the super heroes will not be able to work full time, maintain a perfect home and the house belongs to her children after school every day. So why try? When professional women to maintain a balance between work and family, they must have realistic expectations of what they can reasonably obtain. You can not climb the career ladder as quickly as you want, if you take a break periodically to spend time with their children. Also, your house may not always be clean and dinner can sometimes be through if you keep pace. Allow yourself the freedom to be imperfect in these matters professional, and you'll be much happier.

It is easy for working women that their days of fighting with them, and not vice versa. Ultimately, nobody can predict when the younger will be sent home from school with a fever or your boss asks you to do a presentation on short notice. However, it is important to learn to manage your time and, in drawing up lists, setting priorities and cut distractions as possible. Effective time management will meet as you can every day without driving himself to distraction in this process. Start with a professional group, as National Association of Professional Women and talk with others in your situation can be very useful to help you understand your own goals for time management.

Many professional women are exhausted forget to use the many blessings of life, because they are too busy to deal with many issues of professional women who attend. Force yourself to take at least a few minutes each day to be thankful for the many positive aspects in your life, the health of your children, your boss, you like or support of a spouse. Give yourself a time to laugh with the children or cuddle with your partner. And most importantly, offer leniency activities you love, be it board games with family or a Steamy novel before bedtime.